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Essential Child Guidance Skills for Teachers of Students with Recurrent Behavior Problems

Teacher Training > How To Guides > Student Discipline Plenty of advice in child guidance and in therapeutic approaches for teachers, school counselors, and other support staff. Unparalleled resources in behavior-influence language. Take a look at this amazing collection of psychoeducational books on Amazon: Child Guidance Methods

School Help ― for Parents, Teachers and Tutors

Find articles, enhanced topic coverage and multimedia to help your child complete schoolwork successfully. Thousands of free resources updated daily! (Click on title): Classroom Support Terrific set-up ideas for your classroom! Sections: Middle School ― Getting the Feel for Numbers ― Getting the Feel for Words ― Getting the Feel for Science ― Basic Learning Processes ― Teach Critical Thinking ― Teach Learning Strategies ― Learning Strategies for Students ― Behavior ― Teacher Self-Care Communication Basics for Teachers Helping teachers build interpersonal communication skills Sections: Fundamentals of Language and Communication ― Giving Praise and Encouragement ― Correcting and Redirecting Behavior ― Constructive Criticism ― Feedback ― Proactive Measures ― Student Engagement ― Nonviolent Communication ― Assertive Communication ― Emotional Intelligence ― The Need for Empathy Dealing with Angry Students Teaching kids how to cope with strong feelings and negative emot

Help Your Child Develop Positive Thinking

Help your child write a list of five-to-ten positive things about himself or herself. When the list is ready, have the child practice by saying the list softly a number of times. Discuss events or times when the child can use the list (e.g. when coping with angry feelings or when teased). Have the child complete an Inventory of Strengths where she lists her positive qualities, skills, and efforts. Questions to answer can be: What are my strengths? When do my strengths help me? Where do my strengths help me? Do I use my strengths? When do I use my strengths? Where do I use my strengths? How do I use my strengths? Use the child’s answers to customize a set of positive self-statements that she can use to reinforce her self-confidence and to stay motivated. Help the child develop a set of positive statements that he can use to cope with troublesome events. The child can use these self-statements individually; several self-statements combined, or coupled with other beha