Thursday, October 21, 2010

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This is my first posting. It is not going to be the last, and I hope you join me.

Psycho-education is an orientation to the education of students with emotional and behavioral problems within the context of developmental and psychological theories. Blending cognitive (thoughts), affective (feelings), and behavioral components, the psycho-educational or therapeutic model gives teachers skilled management strategies to help children change dysfunctional behaviors and develop effective coping skills.

With over 12 million children nationwide classified as emotionally disturbed, and millions others exhibiting habitually disruptive behaviors in the classroom, the time is now for teachers and school related personnel to develop the child guidance skills necessary to outreach and teach this challenging population. Focusing on the unique socio-emotional needs of the habitually disruptive and acting-out child, a teacher trained in psycho-education is able to develop an adult-child relationship that is conducive to new insights and is growth promoting. The therapeutic teacher coaches the child in finding alternative ways of meeting his or her socio-emotional needs in a more effective and socially appropriate fashion. Students take an active role in their emotional and behavioral improvement.

Each posting in The Psycho-Educational Teacher covers one specific classroom management and socio-emotional development topic. My first full posting is scheduled for Friday, October 22, 2010 and the topic is, What is Psychoeducation? Join us, so you don't miss any topic.

A Call to All Teachers:

Proudly announcing our new group for educators worldwide, “We Teach the World.” Our aim is to connect teachers and related school personnel all over the world, so that we can share much-needed ideas, strategies, and lesson plans as well as all kinds of resources in classroom management and in student discipline. Coordinating our effort worldwide, we can tell each other where to find important resources and information. If you administer a teaching blog or have created educational resources to facilitate our job, you are welcome to share them here. As long as they contribute to education, we want to know of your business. Teachers with questions, post them here; mentors and seasoned teachers, your valuable experience and unique perspective matter to us, so make your voices heard. Because isolated, we teachers are imaginative, resourceful and resilient, but connected, connected we are imaginative, resourceful, resilient AND powerful. To join us, click on, “We Teach the World.”

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